It was time flea market enthusiasts had a special place to shop for some cool gear

Outdoor enthusiasts have their specialty store.

So do boy scouts, tap dancers, witches and strippers – I swear this is true. Even umbrella enthusiasts have their own market place: The Old Umbrella Shop in central Launceston, northern Tasmania.

It seems there’s a market place for almost every hobby out there. So why wouldn’t there also be a market place for flea market enthusiasts?


Even umbrella enthusiasts have their own market place


Flea Market Insiders “Online Store” is the first online market place where flea market vendors & shoppers can search for specific gear made to improve their flea market experience. The idea of creating a specialty store for flea market enthusiasts, came from our own arduous beginnings as flea market vendors & shoppers. We all learn by making mistakes. But it wouldn’t have hurt if we had been able to avoid doing some, by being better equipped and prepared.

The right gear can save the day

You can always improvise yourself a flea market vendor for a day. If you’re missing a few convenience items like a table, a chair, an umbrella, a raincoat or a thermos filled with your favorite treat, you will very likely survive the day – though it won’t be your most memorable day. But if you’re planning to reiterate the experience on a regular basis, you will need the right stuff. And the same goes for flea market shoppers: the right gear & outfit literally helps go the extra mile(s) when most “competitors” are giving up and heading home. Think massive flea markets like Alameda, Rose Bowl, Munich’s Riesenflohmarkt Frühlingsfest, the Vrijmarkt Amsterdam or La Grande Braderie de Lille.

From Amazon’s products maze to our tiny online store

Flea Market Insiders “Online Store” features a broad variety of items (shopping carts, folding chairs & tables, energy bars, flashlights, weather protection, e-payment solutions…), which have been individually handpicked on three important criteria: product rating, competitive price and, above all, relevancy to the flea market world; we only picked products that answered “Yes” to the question “would we personally use it or wear it at the flea market?”.

All items featured on our online store are Amazon products, which means fast delivery, a money-back policy with most products, and great prices.

So what’s in for us?

Our job is to take care of the laborious product search process, in order to showcase only the best items that could potentially appeal to flea market enthusiasts from around the world. What’s in for us, is a small commission paid by Amazon at no extra cost for you, every time you make a purchase through our store. You’re happy, Amazon’s happy, we’re happy. Everybody’s happy.

And the cool thing is that our shop is constantly growing with the addition of new products every day!

So, ready to gear up and own that flea market?